Product Overview & features

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  • Node is an integrated Product Management System.
  • Real-time web based system.
  • Designed as a product support tool with full CRM and Call centre functionality:
    • Call/Fault Logging
    • Call ticket management with referencing
    • Call Recording
    • Pro-active monitoring and alerts
    • SLA Management and escalation.
    • Real-time Reporting, MIS & Administration
    • Document Store
    • WorkFlow
  • Workflow management system with task based activities.
  • Facilitates process management: Device on-boarding, First line maintenance, Asset management, De-Installation etc.
  • Live Geographical display of entire Network including sites and service centres.
  • Live Geographical display of transactional data such as cash deposits or withdrawals, cash levels CIT events, device status, down-time events.
  • Live monitoring of modem availability, in-active devices and capacity alerts.
  • Fully Integrated with:
    • Smartlink
    • CashUp
    • GeoMapping System
    • IoTrack
  • Retention of Client ownership through a singular SLA Management tool
  • Transparency on all product Maintenance and Implementation tickets/tasks
  • Agnostic system, can handle multiple vendors/product manufacturers and users
  • Point of convergence of all integrated systems affording a single view to end client

Complete End-to-End Product Management Solution

Integrated Products

Node Support Map View

Node Support Map Exposure

Node Connectivity Diagnostics

Node Connectivity Diagnostics

Node Workflows

Node Connectivity Diagnostics